Monday, May 9, 2011

day 1

weights to lose : 40kg
days left : 205 days
i need to lose 40kg (!) to reach an acceptable bmi.
ive set myself a date to reach that.

30th NOVEMBER 2011.

lets hope i can do it.
been a while.
since the last time i post something, lots of things happened in my life.
and im fortunate to say most turned out to be better.
i have a girlfriend now.
someone i loved dearly for nearly half a decade(saje nak make it sound lama giler haha)
has finally decided she loved me too.
its been a happy 8 months 15 days. or or 36 weeks rounded down. or 258 days. bliss.

i am not under any illusion that i am good looking.
im big. fat. obnoxious at times. i do looked good tho, from, erm, certain angles.
im fortunate my gf loves me for who i am.
but i think its time i improved myself.

ive been overweight (fat is just a mean word.haha) for most of my life.
ive decided its time to change that.

here goes nothing.